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The Mi'kmaq lived around Ponhook Lake for thousands of years, living in harmony with the wildlife, and enjoying the pristine waters of the lake. The water system flows slowly to the ocean only 12 miles to the south. As these people travelled the lake system hunting for furs and other wildlife, they soon became aware of the best places to stay over night, or for longer periods of time.

The site where Ponhook Lodge Campground now stands was a favourite camping spot for many years. With clear spring water near the ground surface, and spring fed lakes, more people became aware of the natural beauty which this site had to offer. In 1947, Lawrence & Laura Wamboldt set up residence here in the hope of offering everyone the opportunity of sharing some of the life style that they enjoyed. Trout was plentiful in Ponhook Lake and the nearby Medway River was teeming with Atlantic Salmon; people soon enjoyed much of what the area had to offer.

People started camping and the demand for tent sites and serviced sites for recreational vehicles became apparent. As a result campsites were constructed to accommodate families with the expectations of today's campers. Presently, Ted Wamboldt son of Lawrence & Laura Wamboldt, and his wife Dawn, are the owners and managers of Ponhook Lodge Campground. The campground has a combination of modern facilities to satisfy all campers. For example, people continue to enjoy a swim in natural spring water, or a paddle to the remote areas of Ponhook Lake. Still others enjoy relaxing on the tour boat, with camera in hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of elusive wildlife, breathe the fresh outdoor air, and perhaps listen to stories of people and lifestyles long ago.



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